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Multimedia Post

Multimedia posts typically consist of a combination of text and images. 

We recommend using a limited amount of images (5 or less) with a text-based description of your idea.

All images must be free of Copywrite (creative commons or owed by you) and closely related to the topic of the post.

The text should be in an easy-to-read conversational format.

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Video Post

Video posts consist of single or multiple videos with a short text introduction and a summary of key points.

To improve audience engagement we recommend keeping your videos short (less than 10 minutes) and easy to follow. Good audio and video quality is essential to transmit your message clearly.

All videos must be published in a public platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) that can be linked to the post. 

female radio host broadcasting live in a studio

Podcast Post

Podcast posts consist of an audio recording with a short text introduction and a summary of key points.

The podcast must be hosted in a public platform that can be linked into the post.



All submissions will undergo a review process to ensure they meet publication standards

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